Auto Tech Jobs - There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be An Automobile Technician

There has never been higher demand for auto tech jobs across the U.S., with many dealerships and chains desperately seeking out more techs. That's great news if you’re considering a career as an automobile technician or mechanic.And with that demand has come higher salaries, better benefits, and more options for techs across the country in every state. But why is there such a high demand for auto techs? And is becoming a tech the right career move for you? Let’s find out.

High Turnover Leads to High Demand

The average turnover rate for auto tech jobs is often as high as 20%. That means there’s a constant stream of demand for new techs to enter the industry. As a result, dealerships and mechanic chains must actively seek out auto techs and offer competitive pay to attract the men and women they need to fill those positions.

As a matter of fact, as many as 25,000 auto tech jobs are estimated to be available at any given time. These jobs are located everywhere from Texas to New Jersey, and every state in-between, so you’re likely to find opportunities near you.

Auto Tech Jobs Expected to Grow

Even better news for prospective auto techs? The number of available jobs is expected to grow at or above the average rate for all industries. By 2026, the auto tech job rate is expected to grow at least 6%. That means more open positions and increased demands for techs with your skillset.

Benefits of Auto Tech Jobs

With all these auto tech job opportunities available, you’re probably wondering about the perks that come with being an auto tech. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly listed pros of being an auto tech.

Impressive Salaries

You might be surprised by how much the average auto tech earns, particularly in the current climate where trained techs are in such high demand. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a strong salary doing work you love, this is a field to consider seriously.

High Chance of Advancement

Work as an auto tech brings with it an expansive opportunity to grow into other positions. As you learn, spend more time in the shop and receive certifications, you’ll increase your chances of rising into higher roles, and potentially even as a head mechanic or owner of your own shop.

Pride in Work

Auto tech jobs provide an opportunity to engage both your mind and your hands in fulfilling work that’s different every day. You’ll solve problems creatively, and get to do it in a scenario where you’ll be making someone’s day on a regular basis. No one gets more love than a mechanic who has solved that mysterious issue with their favorite vehicle.

Technical On-the-Job Training

Perhaps no job offers a more intensive education than a position as an automobile technician. Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand your skills. You’ll constantly be confronted with chances to expand your skillset and tackle new problems, consistently expanding your knowledge base and becoming better at your job with every passing day.

Stable Work Environment

Because the demand for auto techs is so high, once you land a position you can expect to have a considerable level of job stability. Auto techs that do their work well on a consistent basis will be rewarded with coveted job stability that’s hard to find in other industries. But with all of these positive elements of being an auto tech, you might be wondering whether you should seek out a position at a dealer or a mechanic.

Dealership vs. Independent Mechanic

While there are plenty of fantastic job opportunities at independent mechanics, both local businesses and chains, you’ll generally find that a position at a dealership offers a better overall outlook. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • More Stable You’ll find that dealership auto tech positions generally offer a higher level of job stability, with even less turnover than independent mechanics can offer. That means you can feel confident in your position for the long-term.
  • Higher Salaries Because dealerships are backed by major chains, they offer even higher salaries than their counterparts. It’s not unheard of to find six-figure salaries for experienced auto techs at dealership locations around the country.
  • More Opportunities for Advancement Dealerships may offer auto techs more chances to advance their careers, and that means an auto tech job at a dealership is more than just a job—it’s a move toward the future.


With such high demand for auto techs and so many benefits for entering into the industry, there’s never been a better time to put your auto tech skills and experience to work. At, our database of listings is designed to help you find great auto tech positions at dealerships around the country, you have everything you need to find your next great opportunity.