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Welcome to! Established in 1999, has been the go-to source for automotive dealers, independent repair shops, and fleet operators for experienced automotive technicians and mechanics. We solely focus on matching job seekers or automotive technicians to employers in the automotive industry.

We work closely to help craft automotive jobs that are appealing to job seekers, as well as offer to match those job seekers to relevant automotive employment openings.

The search for Automotive technicians jobs starts here!
The search for Automotive technicians jobs starts here!

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When advertising for techs, your location is as important as who you are. Traditionally, the relocation season is May through September, and both NeedTechs and Google swell with job seekers. has been a trusted platform for advertisements for Technician Help Wanted for over two decades. We are confident in the value our services bring to your recruitment process. If your ad is offline, seize the moment and leverage the relocation season by advertising with us now.

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For auto tech employers, we're an affordable way to find the qualified help you need for your independent auto repair or dealership. For those seeking an auto tech job, we’re the most effective way to find auto technician opportunities in your area – or across the nation.

At, we bring together people (auto techs) looking for work and work (auto dealerships and auto independent auto repair) looking for people. We have no other kinds of advertising or jobs posted – all we do, and our decades of expertise, are 100% in the auto tech field and the automotive industry.

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What kind of auto techs are you looking for? We work with them all!:

  • Chevy Technicians
  • Ford Technicians
  • Ford Diesel Technicians
  • GM Technicians
  • Chrysler Technicians
  • VW Technicians
  • Audi Technicians
  • Jaguar Technicians

In the last ten years, has established a reputation among technicians that we can match their exact job criteria by searching not only by state but by the manufacturer.  A Texan looking for a Ford Technician Job does not have to search endless pages! Within three clicks he is looking at exactly what he wants.

For business, we are even faster. Search our database of people looking for work in your state, and even those technicians looking to relocate. From entry level to Ford Senior Master’s… we’ve got them all

Who wants to sift through hundreds of applications and spend money on auto job ads? We don’t believe you should be forced to click through multiple pages on a website to fill your auto job positions. Find the qualified auto techs you seek quickly and simply. Spare yourself the headaches of auto job recruitment. Then, spend your valuable time evaluating candidates through the most comprehensive autojob hub on the Internet.

The process is simple:

  • Browse ads from skilled automotive technicians.
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At, our process and our mission are simple:
We match employers who need auto techs with employees who need auto tech jobs.

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